Press Conference of the athletes!

Kariem Hussein, David Rudisha, Allyson Felix, Asafa Powell, Tyson Gay, Jasmin Stowers, Sharika Nelvis, Pedro Pablo Pichardo, Renaud Lavillenie.

Kariem Hussein, David Rudisha, Allyson Felix, Asafa Powell, Tyson Gay, Jasmin Stowers, Sharika Nelvis, Pedro Pablo Pichardo, Lavillenie.

Kariem Hussein, 400m hurdles

"I'm still my own doctor."

Kariem Hussein, a medical student who seized it a few weeks ago, stayed in bed a good week. Today, neat as it should, it is restored.

David Rudisha, 800m

"It all started here for me in Lausanne."

David Rudisha, who won 3 times at Athletissima - at the beginning it was still lycéen-, which will seek to win a fourth time Thursday.

Allyson Felix, 200m or 400m

"After Athletissima be chosen if I will run the 200m or the 400m at the Beijing World Championships in August. I am the only athlete to align myself with these two distances."

In China, Allyson Felix, who holds the 200m world best of the season 21''98 (Doha, May 2015), also play the 4x400m with the US team.

"A Athletissima, I do not know who holds the record for women's 200m Stadium" Attention Allyson Felix, he is the Jamaican Merlene Ottey, who ran the 200m in 1995 22''07 .

Asafa Powell, 100m

"The new generation will have to wait. We are still very strong."

The Jamaican also spoke of Tyson Gay and Justin Gatlin.

"Gatlin can it be beaten? He thinks he is unbeatable, I think it can be beaten."

"I find that the best are found in the same rally racing. It allows some adjustments and improve some details for a major championship or Olympic Games."

Tyson Gay, 100m

"Long ago we run together (with Powell and Gatlin). We are not ready to make way for the new generation."

"I am delighted to race Thursday at Athletissima, to face the world's best. It is very good that we meet again tomorrow."

"Gatlin can it be beaten? Yes, absolutely, but for this you have to be in top form at the moment."

"Our generation of sprinters has made mistakes, but we should not compare ourselves with what has happened in the past OK, we made mistakes, but we worked hard to return to a good level. It deserves respect for our sport too. "

Jasmine Stowers, 100mH

"The problem in the US is that of the 10 best world hurdleuses, 8 are American."

Dawn Harper-Nelson has managed an incredible feat by winning the national title. "Dawn Harper-Nelson could be our mentor, especially for the Olympic Games."

Sharika Nelvis, 100mH

"Whenever we (Jasmine and Sharika) we face, it takes us. It's our motivation."

"The 100m is all in speed while the 100mH is the foot work." "She (Dawn Harper-Nelson) is really very nice."

Pedro Pablo Pichardo, Triple Jump

"The times I jumped here [in Lausanne], I felt good. My feelings are always good here."

"I do not think the world record. For now, I concentrate on my training."

" The Cuban tradition is a big motivation for jumpers. Cuban athletes are likely to spend more of 17m and Teddy Tamgho has a big influence. "

Lavillenie, Pole Vault

"I repeat for months and months I am not unbeatable." "A jump in the pole vault competition never won before."

Lavillenie evoking his defeat in Paris last Saturday "I would love to find a competition in the year I did not expect."

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