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New Balance Boise Indoor a USATF sanctioned meet open to high school and club athletes in grades 9-12 (see REGISTRATION page for info regarding exceptions) hosted at the Ford Idaho Center on Boise State's Jacksons Track.

Late Fee Begins January 27 ($2.50 per event)

Registration Closes January 31

Meet Schedule
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Competition Details
SUMMARY OF RULE-RELATED ITEMS FOR THE NEW BALANCE BOISE INDOOR: The meet will be conducted under USATF rules. In general, the rules covering open competition will be used. The only exceptions will be the throwing implement and hurdle specifications which will follow Youth Athletics which follows the High School Rules. The following is intended to summarize some of the rule items of note.This summary is not intended to replace the 2017 USATF Competition Rule Book which will govern the competition. In addition, this does not represent a change in the policy regarding conduct of Boise Indoor.
60m, 60H Finals
Prelim assignments are random draw
Finals = 4, 5, 3, 6, 2, 7, 1, 8
200m, 400m, 4x200m
800m, Mile, 2 Mile, 4x800
Position assignment is random, per USATF rules


Flight assignment by performance list: best flight last, random within the flight
(200m, 400m, 800m, Mile, 2 Mile, Relays)
Heat assignment by performance list, with "fastest" heat running last. HURDLES
The men's hurdles are 39 inches tall and the women's hurdles are 33 inches tall.
The IAAF returned to the "one false start" rule in 2010. It is the same rule used by high schools. One false start disqualifies the person who committed the offense.
The 4x200 relay will be conducted using a TWO-TURN stagger.
The men's shot put will be 12 lb. and the weight will be 25 lb. The women's shot put will be 4 kg and the weight will be 20 lb. The throwing sector will be 34.92. Implement inspection will be conducted at the site of the competition beginning 2 hours prior to the scheduled start of each event.
GIRLS opening heights
PV = 2.15m (7-00) with 15cm progression
HJ = 1.22m (4-00.25) with 10cm progression

BOYS opening heights
PV = 2.75m (9-00) with 15cm progression
HJ = 1.55m with 10cm progression
Full-time students in grades 9-12 who are eligible for their high school team (and/or any high school athlete) born SEPTEMBER 1, 1997 or later, and who have met the entry guidelines, are eligible to compete. Specifically not eligible are athletes who have graduated from high school in 2016 or those in their 5th or later year from ninth grade. (NOTE: Exceptions may be made for athletes in lower grades or special circumstances) by contacting RYAN directly

Facility Details
Warmup Area
Participants may warm up around the concourse area of the track as well as on the straight for sprints and hurdles. Throwers may only warm up in the throws area. No athletes are allowed to be on the track during oval races
Event Check-in
The Clerk of the Course is located at the south west end of the track. Athletes "first call" check-in is 30 minutes prior to the start of the event.
No "call" announcements will be made by the announcers. It is the responsibility of athletes and coaches to know the schedule and check-in on time.
All events other than shot and weight will enter to the infield from the clerk.
Implement Weigh-in
All implements will be weighed in at the throws area up to 45 minutes prior to the start of the event.
The following restrictions are enforced at the Jackson Indoor Track:
* only " /7mm pyramid spikes are allowed on all running and jumping surfaces

* NO metal shots are allowed

Top 6 individuals in each event receive medals.
Top 3 individuals receive stuffed animal.
Top 3 teams receive medals.

All high school participants who compete in New Balance Boise Indoor are eligible for consideration to receive a travel grant to compete at New Balance Nationals Indoor 2016 held in New York City March 11-13. Grants provided by National Scholastic Athletics Foundation