A New Vision: Idaho Runners North & South

Idaho Runners


"A New Vision for Idaho"


Home of the NXN Northwest Region XC Championships, Idaho has a long and storied history in the sport of prep track & cross country. Going back in time, lets analyze Idaho's storied past.


  • - Home of the first Footlocker individual champion Ellon Lyons (1979)
  • - Home of the 1984 National XC Team Champions Highland Rams
  • - Home of the nations "first" region cross country championship in 2006 "Rocky Mountain Region XC Championships"


Growing up in the "Gem" State there were also rivalries. Such as those from teams in the northern panhandle and those from the south. Individuals such as Lewiston's Jason Uhlman battling Boise's Spencer Hill. Due to geographical distances these two regions of Idaho rarely face off before the State Championships.


Starting in 2009, Idaho will be divided into two regions. The Northern Idaho Region will be covered exclusively by David Taylor. David Taylor was the 1997 Northern Idaho 3200m and 1600m champion. He knows the courses well and lives just outside of Couer d' Alene, ID. The Southern Region will be covered by his twin brother Aron Taylor.


Northern Idaho Editor: David Taylor

Southern Idaho Editor: Aron Taylor


Northern Idaho Pre-Season Cross Country Rankings
Boys Teams Girls Teams
1.Couer D' Alene High (5A) 1.Couer D' Alene High (5A)
2.Sandpoint High (4A) 2.Lake City High (5A)
3.Lake City High (5A) 3.Timberlake High (3A)
4.Post Falls (5A) 4.Moscow High (4A)
5.Moscow (4A) 5.Sandpoint High (4A)


Southern Idaho Pre-Season Cross Country Rankings
Boys Teams Girls Teams
1. Boise High 1. Mountain View High
2. Highland High 2. Eagle High
3. Mountain View High 3. Preston High
4. Twin Falls High 4. Bear Lake High
5. Bishop Kelly 5. Highland