V is for Victory Charter Boys 3-time ID XC State Champions

You can't spell victory without Victory Charter and for the last three seasons the Charter Boys team have been the Idaho State champions in the 1A boys' classification, Led by Ian Stockett, back-to-back State Champion and his brother Luke Stockett.

1.1.12Ian Stockett15:19.49Victory Charter
2.4.11Luke Stockett15:40.52Victory Charter
3.12.11Benton Bernard16:47.32Victory Charter
4.16.10Brody Hunt17:00.88Victory Charter
5.18.12Asher Pirvu17:07.27Victory Charter
6.20.12Connor-Douglas Robbins17:17.16Victory Charter
7.23.10Cody Luce17:29.58Victory Charter

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 1A Varsity Boys

Ian and Luke Stockett during State Championship in Lewiston Idaho