Boise Athletes Shine at Boise City Championships

Captial, Boise, Borah, Timberline, Bishop Kelly Photos by Nolan Whigmam


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Meet Recap

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It was windy, sunny and everything in between for the 2023 Boise City Championships. This championship meet included Bishop Kelly High School, Borah High School, Timberline High School, Boise High School and Capital High School. On the girl side. The team from Boise High School Won the overall girls championship Scoring a total of 143 points. The Timberline Wolves scored 75.5 points. Capital High school girls scored 74.5 points. The Bishop Kelly Knights scored 44 points and the Bora Lions scored 43 points. 

In a close battle for first place on the boy's sides, the Bishop Kelly Knights Finished on top with 149 points. In second place, the Boise High School Brave finished with 123 points. The Borah Lions finished with 50.5 points. Followed by the Capital Eagles who finished with 36.5 points. Rounding out the group of boys, Timberline Wolves finished with 27 points. 

Athletes came ready to roll. Although the wind was a little bit of a factor, athletes posted some impressive marks During the Boise City Championships. In the 100-meter competition Bishop Kelly's Noah Barnes finished in first place with a time of 11.21 seconds. Javon Nelson of Bora finished second overall and Cole Miller of Bishop Kelly finished in 3rd.On the girl side. In the 100 meters it was Timberline High School's Avery Navest, who ran a time of 12.88, who finished in first place. Teammate Elli Lewis. With the time of 13.10. Finished in second place. Freshman Stella Heart of Timberline. Finished in third place with the time of 13.37.

Next on the track was the 200 meters. Boise High School Cooper Smith. Finished in first place with a personal best time of 22.47. In second place was Bishop Kelly's Noah Bornes. And rounding out the top three, Zachary Jacobs of Bishop Cali ran a personal best of 22.94. The girls 200-meter Champion. Was Timberline High School's Avery Novelist, who ran a time of 25.72. Boise High School, Sofia Clark. Finishing up your place. With a time of 26.10. and third place was Kate Mace from Timberline High School with a time of 26.79.

The Boise City. Champion in the 400 meters included two Boise High School athletes. Senior Joe Kreizenbeck Won the 400 meters in a time of 52.13. Bishop Kelly's Joseph Neal. Finished second with the time of 53.88. Boise high schools. Sophomore Michael Nance who ran his personal best time of 53.90. To finish third place. An impressive finish as he dived to win his heat. On the girl's side in the 400 meters junior Sophia Clark of Boise High School.60.15 seconds to become city champion. In second place, Kennedy Patterson from Capital High School ran 61.82 seconds. And Kylie Burns of Timberline High School around the time of 62.35 seconds. Good enough for 3rd place.

The Boise City Championships shined on the distance side as many athletes hit personal best Times in their events. The 800 meters Had to be the race of the day. With both the boys and girls 800-meter runners running personal records and ran times that placed him in the top five in the state of Idaho. Leading the way was the boys 800-meter Noe Kemper of Boise high School Kemper ran a personal best time of 1:53.41. Seconds. With this time, Kemper moved to 2nd overall in the state of Idaho and Rocky Mountains. Tyler Sainsbury. In second place Bishop Kelly's Kevin Corrigan with a time of.1:54.04. A new personal record for him. In 3rd place Charlie Goss of Bishop Kelly. Running time of 1:56.25. Isaac Edwards of Bishop Kelly ran a time of 1:59.97. 

Following the boy's competition, we had the girl's competition in the 800 meter in what proved to be one of the more exciting races of the night. In what was a back-and-forth battle for first place between Lydia Nance and Allie Bruce of Boise High School. Bruce, from Boise High, leading for most of the race with Lydia right behind her. It came down to the last 100 meter as Lydia pulled away at the finish line. This was a photo finish for sure. Lydia Nance ran a personal record of 2:14.47 become city champion as a senior. Bruce finished in second place with a time of 2:14.64. In 3rd place it was another runner from Boise freshman Audrey Orme who ran a time of 2:18.97. Sammatha Smith of Boise ran a season best time of 2:21.93. 

In the 1600 meters Bishop Kelly's Austin Clough ran a time of 4:30.26 to become city champion. In second place was Boise High School, Jack Sheesley ran a time of 4:32.01. And rounding out the top three, Shiva Rajnhandari of Boise high school ran a time of 4:40.58. On the girls side for the 1600 meters. Boise High School's Alex Terry ran a time of 5:19.80. Freshman Lucy Spiess ran a time of 5:33.14 and rounding up the top three in the 1600 meters was Freshman Reese e Kindig of Boise High School with a time of 5:33.22. All these times were personal records for the brave.

In the 3200 meters. The city champion for the boys was freshman Iver Iverson, who ran a time of 10:52.02. This is a personal record for the Borah Lions freshman. In second place was sophomore Connor Aggers of Bishop Kelly with a time of 10:55.12. Next, sophomore Daniel Barclay ran a time of 10:56.69 for the Lions. Good enough for 3rd place. On the girl's side in the 3200 meters the senior from Capital High School, Nellie Frenzel ran a personal record with the time of 12:18.97. Earning herself the elusive White jersey for the Capital Eagles. Junior Sofia Andrus of Capital High School finished in second place and Perry Kemper from Boise High School finished in third place.

Now for the hurdles. To start off the 110-meter hurdles. City champion was sophomore Jordan McDonald from Boise High School who ran a time of 16.32 Finishing in second place was Borah High School's Henry Hill with the time of 16.55 and rounding out the top three with Sebastian Kou of Bishop Kelly, who ran a time of 16.75. Seconds. On the girl's side for the 100-meter hurdles, it was Borah High School's Millie Bledsoe who took the city championship with the time of 16.54 Boise High School Suzi Woodall ran at time of 17.02 to place second and rounding out the top three was Rosie Rubio from Boise High School who ran a time of 17.41.In fourth place was Ella boson of Timberline High School, who ran a time of 17.95 seconds.

In the 300-meter hurdles. Millie Bledsoe. Of Bora High School. Went back-to-back. Winning another city championship. With a season record of 47.56. In second place was Ella Boson of Timberline High School with a time of 48.90 and Juniper Ammirati of Boise High School rounds out the top three with a time of 49.42. Candice Mitchell of Capital High School ran a time of.50.14 a Personal Record and Paisley Cole of Capital running time of 50.68, a personal record for the capital freshman. On the boys side. It was senior Joseph Curtis of Boise High School who ran a season record with a time of 40.94 seconds. Boise High School's Duffy Hayes finished in second with the time of 41.99 and Timberlines Enrique Lozano ran a time of 42.65.Also from Boise High School finishing in fourth place was Chase Lawyer who ran a time of 42.80, a personal record for the sophomore. Borah's Henry Hill ran a time of 42.85, finishing in 5th place for In the City. 

Relay action at Boise City Championships. The boys 4 by 100 relay team of Bishop Kelly At the time of 42.99. With a team consisting of Zachary Jacobs, Cole Miller, Saul Lorenzano and Noah Bornes. In second place was a team from Boise High School with a time of 43.21. Timberline High School finished in third place with a time of 44.69. The Boise City champions in the girls 4 by 100 relay was a team from Boise High School. With a new state leading time of 48.66. The team consisting of Suzi Woodall, Autumn Shomaker Adrienne Russell and Grace Lanfear. In second place was the team from Timberline High School, who ran a time of 49.45. And in 3rd place was capital with a time of 49.80. 

In 4X200.Relay. The team from Timberline High School. Took home the city championship with a time of 1:43.43. The relay team consisted of freshman Stella Hart. Senior Lauren McCall and juniors Elli Lewis and Kate Mace. In second place was a team from Boise High School who ran a total of 1:44.39.In 3rd place was Capital High School with the time of 1:48.82.

In the final race on the track for the night was the boys 4 by 400 relay. The team from Bishop Cali finished with a time of 3:23.00.To become city champions. The team consisted of Sau Lorenzano, Kevin Corrigan, Noah Bornes and Isaac Edwards. In second place was a team from Boise High School who ran a time of 3:26.14. On the girl's side, it was the teams from Boise High School who finished top two in city with times of.4: 00.63.and.4:05.84. In 3rd place was Timberline High School with the time of 4:08.24.The Boise City Championship team consisted of Lydia Nance Lily Vertrees, Audrey Orme and Sophia Clark. This time for Boise High School moves them to number one in the state of Idaho. Their second-place team would be ranked 5th in the state with their time.

In the four by 800-meter relay. The team of Bishop Kelly finished city champions with a time of 9:36.96. The championship team consisted of Ben Packer, Thomas Bean, Jaedon Anton, and Zach Millspaugh. The winning team for the girls the championship team from Bishop Cali consisted of Sally Defranco, Beatrice Grant, Abigail Wallace and Madison Dykhuizen with a time of 12:29.92.

In the Sprint medley relay The Bishop Kelly Knights with a time of 1:56.72. With the team consisting of Annie Carey Kiara Lezama, Natalie Boyd and Isabel Clough became city champions for the girls The boys sprint medley relays the team from Boise High School with the time of 4:07.10. Became City champions with the team consisting of Dylan Chambers, Grayson Salzman, Peter Costello and Jameson McKinney. 

Field Events 

On the field side of things during Boise City Championships. It was football standout Rakeem Johnson with a toss of 51-06.0 To become city champion in the boy's shot put .In second place was Borah High School's Trevor Fry. Third place was Ryder Bordner from Bishop Kelly and  in fourth place was Wayland Legler of Capital High School. Rounding out the top five was Bishop Kelly's Drew Martin. In the girl shopper, it was freshman McKenna Chavez from Capital High School. Who went 37-05.50To become city champion. Senior Maddie Romberg from Borah High School finished in second place and Bishop Kelly's Caroline Knothe finished in third place. In fourth place was the Lexus de Alba from Boise High School.5th place was Hannah Jolly from Capital High School. 

In the boy's discus. It was Joaquim Johnson once again, who became Boise City champion with a new personal record with a toss of 170-09. With this personal record, Johnson moved to 3rd in the state of Idaho. In second place was Bora High School's Trevor Fry who went 142-06 with a new personal record in 3rd place was Ty Kaschmitter with a throw of 137-11 also a personal record and rounding out the top four was Drew Martin from Bishop Kelly with a toss of 137-05. In the girl's discus, Boise City champion. Maddie Romberg had a toss of 125, eight for Borah High School. In second place was Haley Chapman from Bishop Kelly with a throw of 117-08 a personal record. And in 3rd place was Madeline Connor with the throw of 101-11 from Bishop Kelly.

In the high jump, it was Timberline High School's Alex Lowe. Who went 6-04.00 to become Boise City Champion as a senior in second place was Junior Cam Davis with a jump of 6-02.00. A personal record from Bishop Kelly. In 3rd place was Jordan McDonald from Boise High School with a jump of 6-02.00.On the girl side. It was Boise High School's Alexandria Gustavel who went 5-2.00 to become Boise City champion. In second place, it was Hannah Price from Capital High School who went 4-10 and in 3rd place was Savannah Chapman from Borah High School who went 4-8 a season record for her. Boise high schools Milla Yager went 4-8 a personal record. 

Boise. Boise. Boise. What more can you say about the Boise High School's Pole Vault crew this season, Led by pole vault coach Asa Sims. Who is coaching in his final season as Boise High School Pole vault coach as he steps away after 18 seasons of coaching. He has been a staple of Boise High school and Idaho Pole vaulting training some of the best vaulters in the State year after year. What a way to finish out his final City Championship with the top three places all being from Boise High School. The girls Led by City Champion Suzi Woodall cleared the bar at 11-00.00 , Teammate Michaela Gier went 10-06.00 and rounding out the top three is Freshman Mia Nelson who happens to be the younger sister of City Champion Seth Nelson. Nelson Broke the City Championship Meet record with a vault of 15-10.00 he currently is the top ranked vaulter in the state of Idaho and ranks 12th nationally. In second place was senior Aiden Everard who went 13-00.00 and rounding out the top three is junior Liam Hodson who also went 13-00.00.

New meet Record Seth Nelson Boise City Relays 15-10.00

In the boy's long jump. Boise City Champion Cam Davis. Leaped 23-00.00in new personal record for the Bishop Kelly Junior. In second place with a new personal record, it was senior Chayse Sloan from Boise High School with a jump of 22-05.50. In third place from Bishop Kelly is senior Patrick Monahan who went a jump 21-3.50. All three long jumper's rank. In the top ten in the state of Idaho. Davis is currently ranked number two in the state of Idaho for the long jump, and Sloan is ranked number six in the state of Idaho Monahan is ranked #7 in Idaho. Autumn Shomaker from Boise High School. When 17-04.00 to become Boise City champion, Timberline High School's Ashlyn Sandow went 17-03.00 and freshmen Eden Francis with a new personal record of 17-00.50. Finished in third place.

In what would be the last event of the evening and Boise City Championships. It was the boys and girls triple jump that showcased two top placers in the state of Idaho. Both coming from the same school. In what would be the moment of the meet. Senior Savina Tulilov went 37-01.00, a new personal record for the capital high school triple jumper. The jump by the senior moves Savina to number one in the state of Idaho. Savina has consistently been improving on her marks meet after meet. Savina came off the board with authority, landing in the sand as the crowd waited for the measurement her teammates went wild with excitement as they cheered her on as they found out the final mark for Savina. The second-place finisher, also from Capital High School, was freshman Eden Francis, who went 30, four 8.00.In 3rd place was Boise High School's Autumn Shomaker with a jump of 34-03.75 in fourth place was Grace Lanfear from Boise High School who went 32-10.50. 

The stage was set for the boy's triple jump as Victor Byaundaombe was ready to go head-to-head with Cole Miller both top Jumpers in the State of Idaho. To add a little motivation for Vic the previous week his State leading mark was overtaken, and he was pumped to second overall. Victor had a new personal record with a jump of 47-08.50 taking back the number one ranking. In second place was Cole Miller of Bishop Kelly with a jump of 46.11.00. Teammate Patrick Monahan went 43.07.50 and Boise High School's Chayse Sloan went 41.09.50, a new personal record.

This Was definitely a meet for the books.