2023 MileSplit All-Idaho Team Boys

May 23, 2023

Gatlin Bair Takes home 100M Championship. Photo by Enrique Soto

To become a member of the 2023 MileSplit All-Idaho team, you need to achieve a top six finish at the Idaho State Finals (not prelims). The MileSplit All-Idaho team is not based on the top marks achieved over the span of the season, but rather marks achieved at the 2023 Idaho State Championship Finals. Because there is not a true, one-division state meet, the team is comprised from the best six marks at the state championship final across all classifications. 

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Race Replays
5A/4A | 1A/2A/3A

Boys: 100m

Gatlin Bair10.15a (1.4)Burley 4A
Ayden Martinez10.85a (1.4)SRSkyview 4A
Noah Bornes10.86a (1.4)PRBishop Kelly 4A
Trevon Holman10.95a (-0.1)Sugar-Salem 3A
Trevor Warren10.95a (1.4)Ridgevue 4A
Trevion Walker10.95a (1.4)Caldwell 4A

Boys: 200m

Gatlin Bair20.56a (2.0)Burley 4A
Jacob Webster21.67a (0.5)Centennial 5A
Jay Monroe21.74a (0.5)Kuna 5A
James Tarkalson21.81a (2.0)Canyon Ridge 4A
Trevon Holman21.98a (-0.2)Sugar-Salem 3A
Trevor Cogley22.05a (0.5)Lake City 5A

Boys: 400m

Trevor Cogley48.36aLake City 5A
David Gummersall48.95aPRVallivue 4A
Nate Stadtlander49.20aPRMeridian (ID) 5A
Porter Holt49.20aPRSugar-Salem 3A
DJ Warren49.39aPR
Mountain View (ID) 5A
Dylan Rehder49.41aSRMoscow 4A

Boys: 800m

Tyler Sainsbury1:52.82aPRRocky Mountain 5A
Nate Stadtlander1:54.11aMeridian (ID) 5A
Brody Burch1:54.28aPRPocatello 4A
Kevin Corrigan1:54.82aBishop Kelly 4A
Kaden Helder1:54.86aBoise 5A
Lachlan May1:56.00aPRCoeur D'Alene 5A

Boys: 1600m

Tyler Sainsbury4:09.37aRocky Mountain 5A
Landon Heemeyer4:13.28aRocky Mountain 5A
Matthew Thomas4:14.51aPRBlackfoot 4A
Austin Clough4:14.98aPRBishop Kelly 4A
Bryson Blaser4:15.67aPRCentennial 5A
Oclan Ryan4:15.85aPR
Mountain View (ID) 5A

Boys: 3200m

Landon Heemeyer9:10.76aRocky Mountain 5A
Tyler Sainsbury9:12.78aPRRocky Mountain 5A
Andrew Ringert9:16.35aEagle 5A
Stockton Stevens9:17.56aPRTwin Falls 4A
Samuel Fish9:19.02aVallivue 4A
Matthew Thomas9:20.81aSRBlackfoot 4A

Boys: 110-Hurdles

Augustas Haynes14.37a (-1.5)PRRidgevue 4A
Cody Cordingley14.40a (-1.0)Rigby 5A
Rusty Lee14.40a (-1.5)Sandpoint 4A
Crew Kelson14.43a (-1.0)PRRocky Mountain 5A
Mason Edwards14.68a (-1.5)Hillcrest 4A
Tanner Brown14.75a (0.3)PRSoda Springs 2A

Boys: 300m Intermediate Hurdles

Crew Kelson38.10aPRRocky Mountain 5A
McKoy Richardson38.11aMelba 2A
Augustas Haynes38.18aPRRidgevue 4A
Rusty Lee38.20aPRSandpoint 4A
Eli Taylor38.71aPRRigby 5A
Spencer Gudmundson38.84aPRHillcrest 4A

Boys: 4x100m Relay

Ridgevue42.36aRidgevue 4A
Lakeland42.66aLakeland 4A
Burley43.06aBurley 4A
Canyon Ridge43.20aCanyon Ridge 4A
Bishop Kelly43.64aBishop Kelly 4A
Idaho Falls43.69aIdaho Falls 4A

Boys: 4x200m Relay

Kuna1:27.17aKuna 5A
Mountain View (ID)1:28.64a
Mountain View (ID) 5A
Centennial1:28.95aCentennial 5A
Ridgevue1:29.30aRidgevue 4A
Post Falls1:29.53aPost Falls 5A
Sugar-Salem1:29.95aSugar-Salem 3A

Boys: 4x40m Relay

Boise3:21.23aBoise 5A
Bishop Kelly3:22.09aBishop Kelly 4A
Meridian (ID)3:24.98aMeridian (ID) 5A
Post Falls3:25.64aPost Falls 5A
Moscow3:26.51aMoscow 4A
Rigby3:26.52aRigby 5A

Boys: SMR 1600M

Bishop Kelly3:30.85aBishop Kelly 4A
Vallivue3:34.96aVallivue 4A
North Fremont -3:36.41aNorth Fremont -2A
Idaho Falls3:37.28aIdaho Falls 4A
Sugar-Salem3:37.55aSugar-Salem 3A
Sandpoint3:37.79aSandpoint 4A

Boys: 4x800M

Rocky Mountain7:48.22aRocky Mountain 5A
Boise7:54.03aBoise 5A
Coeur D'Alene8:03.77aCoeur D'Alene 5A
Timberline (Boise)8:07.04aTimberline (Boise) 5A
Centennial8:07.88aCentennial 5A
Eagle8:20.99aEagle 5A

Boys: Shot Put

Keenan Blair58-00.00Jerome 4A
Trevor Miller57-03.25PRPost Falls 5A
Kai Twaddle-Dunham56-06.50Centennial 5A
Jacob Womack55-10.00PRRigby 5A
James White55-01.50Lewiston 5A
Ryan Bingham54-02.00PRSugar-Salem 3A

Boys: Discus

Rakeem Johnson175-05Bishop Kelly 4A
James White170-08PRLewiston 5A
Kai Twaddle-Dunham170-00Centennial 5A
Keenan Blair168-00Jerome 4A
Cale Adamson162-04Aberdeen 2A
Brody Backus161-08Idaho City 4A

Boys: Long Jump

Cam Davis23-03.00PRBishop Kelly 4A
Tyson Acree22-10.25Meridian (ID) 4A
Kyle Christensen22-05.75 (0.0)PRValley 1A
Chayse Sloan22-05.50Boise 5A
Caden Warren22-04.00PRRidgevue 4A
Courage Seable22-00.00SRNampa 5A

Boys: Triple Jump

Victor Byaundaombe47-11.75PRCapital 5A
Porter Sutton47-02.00 (0.0)Marsh Valley 3A
Cole Miller46-02.00Bishop Kelly 4A
Caleb Washington45-09.25Ridgevue 4A
Alex Lowe45-07.00PRTimberline (Boise) 5A
Jeremiah Wesseh45-01.00PRCapital 5A

Boys: High Jump

Alex Lowe6-04.00Timberline (Boise) 5A
Cam Davis6-04.00Bishop Kelly 4A
Seth Hall6-04.00Aberdeen 2A
Jordan McDonald6-04.00PRBoise 5A
Brady Cox 6-02.00Kamiah 1A
Donovan Wiles6-02.00Nampa Christian  2A

Boys: Pole Vault

Seth Nelson16-08.00PRBoise 5A
Ethan Hammer15-07.00Columbia 4A
Gunnar Kimball14-06.00Wood River 4A
Ashton Peters14-06.00Jerome 4A
Brady Abbott14-06.00Rocky Mountain 5A
Carter Huntsman14-01.00PRRirie 2A
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