Daniel Simmons 8.53.80 Breaks 3200 Meter Simplot Meet Record

Pocatello, ID

On pace to Break the Meet Record Daniel Simmons led for most of the race when out of no where a runner passed Simmons and held the lead for 2 laps but with a final kick on the last 100 Meters to take the lead and break the Meet Record.

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Full Day Recaps By Sean Zeitler

Tell us about the atmosphere in Holt Arena during the race ?
Daniel Simmons : I could feel people excitement every lap, it was amazing!

What was going though your head when you saw the other runner pass you and take the lead?

Daniel Simmons :The race isn't over yet, if you keep believing, you will catch him!

On the final lap you where about 30Meters behind describe that final kick and what was going though your mind during that last stretch and after you passed him and ultimately won?

Daniel Simmons: Almost there, one more hard push, one more step!