Jasmine Nesbitt - Jerome High School

<p> We asked a few top runners in XC to talk about their life running... here&#39;s what they had to say &quot;in their own words&quot;.</p>

Jasmine Nesbitt

Jerome High School
Class: 2013
2rd Place - Girls 4A XC State Championship

Personal Bests

  • 1,600 Meter Run - 5:16.68
  • 3,200 Meter Run - 11:08.19
  • 5,000 Metere Run - 18:58.50
  • 800 Meter Run - 2:18.90

Your training for XC, when did it start for 2012 season?
I took about a month of from track last year and then I started training again for the next cross country season.

What was your best race this year, and what made is so special!
I would say the Challis invitational or the Blackfoot invite both were great races. I won and broke the record at Challis while getting to go through water crossings, while at he Blackfoot Invite I ran for my grandpa that just died and won and ran it in 18:47, so that meet was very special to me.

Which course do you love to run (and why), and which one is a thorn to you (and why)?
I love to run at bigger meets Like Bob Firman or Soda Springs, I didn't get to go this year, but I love being able to compete against so many other great runners even if I don't place high I always get a good time. I hate running at CSI I have ran there so many times I know the course frontwards, backwards, sideways, and upside down. Not only that but It's just running around a college and no one can get a fast time on that course, I dread running there and my coach knows it.

Tell us about your last race.
My last race was State XC I loved it sadly it was my last one and I got second. It definitely wasn't my best race, and it sucks that it had to be state, but not many girls can say they were a runner up at state either. I was upset for a day or two then got over it and got excited for my best sport. TRACK :) <3

Are you running indoor?  If so, have you started training (weights, running… ?)
I am running some indoor meets, I haven't been running, I actually have been cross training, mainly using exercises that don't include weights. I do lift weights here and there as well, but overall its endurance training.

Are you looking forward to outdoor TF?  What events will you be running?  Any goals you care to share with us?
I am so stoked for track! I will be running the 400 meter all the way up to the two mile, and Iove every second of it! I want to run four events at state, (Medley or 4X4, 3200, 1600, and 800) I want to break 11:00 in the 2 mile, get close or break 5 in the mile, break 2:18 in the 800, and overall just do the best I can to help our team get another trophy.

In looking at college… what are you top 3 picks?  If you have committed to a college – where are you going??
My top 3 picks would have to be Idaho State University, Utah Valley University, and University or Toledo. I am taking visits this month and by February I will know where I am attending!!

What would you like to study in college?
I am really looking on double majoring in the health field so something like Sports Medicine, or Exercise Science.

Other than running… what else do you focus on?
I focus on school and trying to be a regular teen. I want to enjoy my high school experience before it is over, I want to go to basketball games and all, but my sports are everything to me and my schedule usually evolves around them.