Punky Duran - Coeur D'Alene High School

Punky Duran

Coeur D'Alene High School
Class: 2013
5th Place - Girls 5A XC State Championship

Personal Bests

  • 3 Mile - 19:26.00
  • 5,000 Metere Run - 18:22.70


· Your training for XC, when did it start for 2012 season?
I started training throughout the summer. Our team runs every tuesday and thursday for anyone who wants, and I would also run as much as I could on my own.

· What was your best race this year, and what made is so special!
My best race was definitely the state race. I was so nervous, but my goal was to stay with that top 5 pack, which I did. I ran a lot faster than I expected to, but I think it was because I had such an adrenaline rush and was so excited to see how well my team did. I was in tears of joy after the race.

· Which course do you love to run (and why), and which one is a thorn to you (and why)?
I loved running the Sandpoint course, but we did not get to race that this year. It's one of my favorites because it is mostly flat and it's a chance to see how fast we really can go. IT is a course that most everyone will PR on. A course I do not like would have to be Yhakima. It is 4 laps, and it really took the energy out of me after those hills. I was struggling with myself the whole race, but did end up getting those free shoes!

· Tell us about your last race
My last race, nationals, was a great experience being on the course, but also a race I struggled with myself during. It was the hardest thing i'd ever done, and I was dissapointed after. I learned a lot from that race though, and sometimes I wish I could have a do over!

· Are you running indoor? If so, have you started training (weights, running… ?)
I am not running indoor, but I have been training for the track season!

· Are you looking forward to outdoor TF? What events will you be running? Any goals you care to share with us?
I cannot wait for track season to start. I want to run the 2 mile for the first time, and I am hoping to do well with that. I also will be doing the mile which is my favorite race. It is the perfect combination of speed and length. I havent set any real goals yet, but I like to do that when the season gets closer.

· In looking at college… what are you top 3 picks? If you have committed to a college – where are you going??
The college search has been a struggle. My number one choice right now is Point Loma, located in San Diego. I have a couple others in mind, but am still trying to get everything worked out. But wherever I go, I will definitely be running.

· What would you like to study in college?
I hope to study nursing in college. It's been my goal for quite some time now.

· Other than running… what else do you focus on?
Running has been my main focus lately. I just started playing the guitar recently though and that has been a blast for me. It is nice to have something to get your mind off of everything going on around you!