Elijah Armstrong - Pocatello

<p> We asked a few top runners in XC to talk about their life running... here&#39;s what they had to say &quot;in their own words&quot;.</p>

Elijah Armstrong

Pocatello High School
Class: 2015

Personal Bests

  • 1,600 Meter Run - 4:22.65
  • Two Mile Run - 9:24.05
  • 3200 Meter Run - 9:04.78
  • 5,000 Meter Run - 15:16.89
  • 500 Meter Dash - 16:18.34
  • 800 Meter Run - 2:05.41
  • One Mile Run - 4:18.09

When did training for 2012 XC begin?
I never really stopped training after 2011. I went straight from outdoor track to summer track and then into XC.

What was my best race this year and what made it special?
I am not really sure…..I enjoyed the “Bob Firman” and had a good time, but was not super happy with my overall place. Then there was the “Nike Pre-Nationals and I again fell short of my goal but it was a fast and fun race. State was probably one of the best races just because it was State. I liked the course and I was blessed to repeat as State Champ. However, I did really like running the “NXN regional meet” in Boise and was able to do well and run with some of the top rated USA runners. I guess I liked all the above races but State was probably my favorite.

Which course do I love to run….and which is a thorn?
I really love the Eagle Island course. It has a little of everything…..hill, grass dirt etc. It is a fast course and the competition there is always great. Plus it is a good course for spectators and my dad, family and coaches are always in lots of spots to cheer me on.

Which is my least favorite course? Not really sure….I do not like straight flat courses because they are not too challenging, the Burley course is kind of like that. But probably the course I most disliked this year was perhaps Mt. Sac where Footlocker Regionals was held. I actually did not mind the course as much as I did not like my performance.

About my last race.
Well it was at Footlocker West and I did not do so great. We got to the course on Friday and went for a muddy run, but the course officials really fixed it up by morning. For the most part of the race I felt really good. I was able to stay in the top 3-6 runners most all the time. The hills were challenging and the competition was awesome but with about 800m left I started to feel a little fatigue in my legs. At that point I was in 9th place. I usually have a little more to give at the end but that day for some reason I was a bit mentally beat. I did not have a good finish and ended up 11th which was disappointing.

Am I doing indoor and am I training:
Yes I am doing indoor. I love indoor because the conditions (indoor) are so perfect. I am just doing some normal running and trying to do some strength training too.

Am I looking forward to outdoor? what events?, and what goals?
I love outdoor too and will be running the 1600m, 3200m and maybe the 800m in some races. I also love to run the 4x400, but that will depend on what the coaches want me to do.
Goals----I would like to improve my times for sure and repeat as a State Champ and add events to it. I would also like to go to some big meets again like Arcadia and do well and maybe go to Pasco.

What is my top college picks?
University of Oregon, UCLA, BYU, Arizona and Texas A & M

Other than running what else do I focus on?
My biggest focus is on my family. We have a lot of fun together and they are my best friends and biggest fans. I also focus on my grades. I have a goal to keep a 4.0 and that is always challenging with as much time as I put towards training.