Dwain Stucker - Meridian

<p> We asked a few top runners in XC to talk about their life running... here&#39;s what they had to say &quot;in their own words&quot;.</p>

Dwain Stucker

Meridian High School
Class: 2015

Personal Bests

  • 1,600 Meter Run - 4:38.50
  • 3200 Meter Run - 9:51.15
  • 5,000 Meter Run - 15:42.30

Q. Your training for XC, when did it start for 2012 season?
R. I can’t really say that the 2011 season really stopped. During my freshman year i kinda slowed down in the winter but i ran clear through the summer.

Q. What was your best race this year, and what made is so special!
R. My best race? I can’t really say that any one race was my best but I would have to say probably State. I say this because I was able to surprise myself at the end of the race, i was sure i was going to come in second but once i saw the finish line i just ran. I also loved seeing the reactions of all the people in the crowd and my friends

Q. Which course do you love to run (and why), and which one is a thorn to you (and why)?
R. Hmm, I loved the state race and the Mountain Home race. I loved the state race because it was just a mess. Hills, gravel, sand, dirt, grass. It had everything. I liked the Mountain Home race because it was weird. It took place on a golf course so the ground was soft and squishy and it just felt long, with how it spread out across the golf course. It was a test of patience that you just don’t get in some races.  If i had to pick a race that i didn’t like it would have been Nike cross. It took place a couple weeks after state, it was bitter cold, and i just didn’t feel any reason to be competitive.

Q.  Tell us about your last race.
R. Well, by that do you mean in the cross country season or out of it? My last race was Nike Cross, In that race i just ran like i would during a practice. It wasn’t really competitive for me at least. I just didn’t have the drive that i had in season. I kinda feel bad about it but it was a good experience that i will learn form and take into my next season.

Q.  Are you running indoor?  If so, have you started training (weights, running… ?)
R. I am not running indoors, I am still training, Out of season i focus mainly on endurance. I do 10, 15, and 20 mile runs mainly. I don’t do too much with weight lifting but I do yoga and that helps a lot.

Q.  Are you looking forward to outdoor TF?  What events will you be running?  Any goals you care to share with us?
R. I am looking forward to it, I will most likely be running the 32k and 16k. I don’t really like to set goals but i would like to keep up the speed and times and improve upon what i did during the fall.  Last year i had a terrible start because i didn’t do much in the winter, i'm hoping to avoid that.

Q.  In looking at college… what are you top 3 picks?  If you have committed to a college – where are you going?  What would you like to study in college?
R. I can’t say that I have any top three, I have been looking but i'm not going to be too picky. I am focusing mainly on funding, Academics, and athletics when it comes to what schools i am considering. I want to go into a mixture of chemistry, biology and engineering when it comes to what i want to study in school. I want to help design new tech for space shuttles. Making shuttles more economical. Kinda a big goal for someone who doesn’t like goals but what can i say?

Q. Other than running… what else do you focus on?
R. Well, I try and take the same approach that i take to running with everything i do. We only have one life to live, no point to doing anything mediocrely. I love learning new things, I love music and art. I excel at games that require strategy, The only thing that i have problems focusing on is just one thing. I love doing everything so I rarely have time for anything XD.